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Cortland Finnegan's next team 'looks like' Tampa Bay, Vincent Jackson to follow?

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The wait until free agency starts is a long one, and many things can happen between now and March 13, but one thing is becoming more and more clear every day: Cortland Finnegan is very likely to come to Tampa Bay. This time, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports claims that the Buccaneers are 'looking like' Cortland Finnegan's next team. The connection certainly makes sense: Finnegan is a quality, versatile, tough cornerback who plays with an attitude - something the Bucs have been missing.

Moreover, the team is in uncertain waters at the cornerback position with Ronde Barber's return being in doubt, and Aqib Talib's legal troubles possibly keeping him off the team. Even if those two return, Barber no longer has the skills to be a quality starting corner, and the Bucs lack depth at the position. They must shore up the position, and Finnegan would certainly do that.

More intriguing, though, may be Jason Cole's note that Cortland Finnegan has been texting free agent wide receiver Vincent Jackson to come join him at his next team - which could be the Buccaneers. As with Finnegan, Jackson would certainly fit with the team. He's a valid deep threat at receiver, a very reliable player who would not only help Josh Freeman, but the entire passing game by creating space in the passing game. The Bucs easily have the cap room to sign both players, who should command major

Finnegan also noted on ESPN 1040's Primetime show with Tom Krasniqi that he was good friends with Stephen Tulloch. Again: this would make sense for the Bucs, since the team needs to add a linebacker or two.

Keep one thing in mind with all these rumors, however: they're out there for a reason. Usually, that reason is that agents are leaking these rumors to journalists. That doesn't mean the information is necessarily bad, but agents often leak this information to drive up the price of their clients. We'll see how much truth there is to this rumor once free agency is under way.