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Aqib Talib sued for threatening to "put a cap in" a woman in 2010

Aqib Talib has gotten into trouble once again. Is there ever going to be an offseason where we don't see the much-maligned cornerback embarrass the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Well, not this time, at least. According to the Tampa Tribune, Aqib Talib is being sued for threatening "to put a cap in" a woman after a traffic accident in December 2010. The woman is demanding $15,000 for "severe emotional distress, depression and anxiety. Tampa police say they have no record of an accident, however.

This isn't the only legal problem Aqib Talib is facing this year, as the cornerback is scheduled to go on trial on March 26, facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after a March 2011 shooting involving his sister and mother. Talib has a history of violent off-field incidents, and has had a few on the field as well. The volatile former first-round draft pick was suspended for one game in 2010 after assaulting a cab driver in 2009.

It's not clear what the Bucs will do with Aqib Talib, whether he will be suspended, whether he will be convicted, or whether he will even be a Buccaneer in 2012. Aqib Talib certainly has the talent and skills to be a very good starting cornerback in the NFL, but the constant off-field incidents are tiresome and don't seem to fit Greg Schiano's ideal for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.