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Daily Bucs Links 3/5/12 - Franchise tags and re-signings

First, a blog announcement: we're banning all running back/Trent Richardson talk in stories and threads that aren't related to the sbuject. The debate about Trent Richardson, running backs and defense is starting to overshadow everything else, and while it's certainly a useful debate, there are other things to talk about - and those issues should get that room, too.

Bucs prepared to give franchise tag to Barth |
They have until 4 PM to get a contract done.

Report: Johnson, Bills close to a five-year deal -
Sucks for the Bucs.

Seahawks sign Lynch to multi-year deal -
And another quality free agent is off the market.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers finalizing deal to keep impending unrestricted free agent Jeremy Zuttah - Tampa Bay Times

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If you have a topic you want to talk about, remember that you can write a fanpost. | "It Really Hurt Josh" - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Freeman was not a happy camper.

Phil Emery: Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery will stay true to his roots as a road scout -
This seems like a counterproductive way of running a team.

Freeman, Blount Vie for Madden Cover |
You can vote for which Buc will be up for the honor of being featured on the Madden cover, and then won't win it.

Severe, sweeping penalties under consideration in Saints bounty case - The Insider - The Washington Post
Soooo much fun.

Forecast: Bounty Fest will take down Saints | New Orleans