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ESPN gives Tampa Bay Buccaneers an A- for Free Agency

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ESPN has been handing out free agency grades, and they've given the Tampa Bay Buccaneers an A- in free agency. That's a good grade, but we'll have to see whether it sticks in the long term. While the Bucs have certainly fixed a number of holes, they are from a complete team - with major problems at linebacker and running back still remaining. In addition, we've seen offseason and free agency winners fizzle out too often in the past to feel very secure about the Bucs' additions.

The Bucs were huge early spenders in free agency. Jackson and Nicks are two of the better players at their respective positions and fill massive need positions for Tampa Bay. Wright was a questionable signing for the dollars it cost, but cornerback certainly was a major weakness on this roster. I would have liked to see Tampa Bay add a veteran or two with outstanding leadership skills to help lead this very young and sometimes troubled roster. However, the Bucs' key losses were minimal, and Tampa Bay is set up quite well to take the best player available with the No. 5 overall pick in the draft.