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Daily Bucs Links 3/3/2012 - The Saints got caught playing dirty

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New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton Found Guilty Of Bounty Program, Injuring Players For Money

NFL: Saints put 'bounties' on players with intent to injure |
They'll be punished for this. I'm all giddy.

NFL: New Orleans Saints players offered bounties for "knockout" hits - Tampa Bay Times
This is not a good week for the Saints.

Drew Brees deal could gut the Saints - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Say goodbye to Carl Nicks, too. So much fun.

Saints' penalties could be severe - NFC South Blog - ESPN

Williams admits 'bounty' role, apologizes - NFC South Blog - ESPN
That doesn't help them.

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Where franchise tag season stands | ProFootballTalk
The franchise tags will drastically alter the free agent market.

Connor Barth and the franchise tag | & Tampa Bay Times
Barth will likely get tagged while they work out a long-term deal.

Packers draft outlook - JSOnline
Some good insight on specific players, here.

[Video] Up and Coming Bucs - Arrelious Benn |
Hopefully he can actually use his significant natural talent.

Prospect Watch: Michael Floyd |
He'd be a good pick-up in the middle of the first round, or at the top of the second.