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Todd McShay's Mock Draft 4.0: Trent Richardson and Zach Brown for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

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Another mock draft is in from a major, national outlet - in this case, ESPN. Todd McShay has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picking Trent Richardson over Morris Claiborne in this mock draft, with Justin Blackmon off the board to the Cleveland Browns at number 3 overall.

This is a tough call because you could make an argument for taking LSU CB Morris Claiborne here and grabbing one of the second-tier running backs with the 36th pick. Richardson is a special prospect, though, and he could be just what QB Josh Freeman and the Bucs need to jump-start an offense that finished 30th in the league in rushing last season.

The Richardson-Claiborne debate has been a hot topic for Bucs fans for months on end, and McShay falls on the Richardson side of that debate. But there are still some concerns with Richardson, who was performing at a supposed 70% level at his Pro Day today.

More interesting, perhaps, is McShay's pick for the Bucs' second-rounder: linebacker Zach Brown of North Carolina. Brown is a massively talented athlete who leaves something to be desired in terms of his on-field play. He's a real upside pick, and won't necessarily be able to come in and perform well as a starter immediately. The fact that his former college coach Butch Davis is in the Bucs' front office would certainly help the Bucs in making the best decision on Brown.