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Should the Bucs cut Talib?

Talib getting used to the perp walk.
Talib getting used to the perp walk.

This poll probably doesn't need a story to explain it, so I'll keep it short. We drafted Aqib Talib from Kansas to be our #1 shutdown corner for years to come. He had some skeletons in his closet we knew about, and they became ever more evident after he bashed a fellow rookie at the symposium, used his helmet as a weapon, smacked a cabby upside the head (allegedly) and may or may not have fired a weapon in Texas. Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik continued to give Talib leeway even after he allegedly accosted Rah in London.

Now, with the draft just a short time away, a trial that was supposed to take place prior to the draft has now been bumped back at Talib's insistence, or at least at his lawyer's insistence. This puts the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a tough spot as they had hoped to know his availability from a criminal standpoint prior to the draft. Goodell could always lower the boom from an NFL standpoint, but Texas seems to be the first hurdle.

Prone to mental lapses on the field, Talib has been relatively solid, but not spectacular. He can play well for 90% of a game, but make one mental mistake that ends up costing us points. I personally believe he would fare better under a disciplinarian rather than a familiar position coach turned head coach.

With that being said, what do the Bucs do with Talib? Vote below and sound off in the comments.