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2012 NFL Draft order set, Tampa Bay Buccaneers get no compensatory draft picks

The NFL has announced the compensatory picks in this year's NFL draft, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have not received any extra choices. This should come as no surprise. The NFL bases the distribution of compensatory picks on the balance of lost and signed unrestricted free agents, and the size of contracts for those players plays a big role in the distribution of those pictures. In total, 32 compensatory draft picks were awarded to 15 different teams.

The Buccaneers lost Barrett Ruud and Cadillac Williams in free agency last season, but they signed linebacker Zac Diles (who didn't make it through the season before being cut) and punter Michael Koenen, offsetting those moves. With no compensatory draft picks, the Bucs have a total of six draft picks as they traded away their fourth rounder to move up and select Luke Stocker in the 2011 draft. The Bucs have the fifth draft pick in the first round. They will alternate between the fourth and fifth pick in the following rounds. Here are all the Bucs' picks:

Round Pick Overall
1 5 5
2 4 36
3 5 68
5 5 140
6 4 174
7 5 212