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Aqib Talib's trial pushed back to June 25, putting Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a bind

According to both Pewter Report and Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Aqib Talib's trial has been pushed back to June 25th, well after the 2012 NFL Draft. Talib has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon after a March, 2011 altercation involving his mother, his sister, her boyfriend and several shots fired. Interestingly, Pewter Report reports that the trial was delayed at the defense's request, which would mean that Aqib Talib wanted to push the trial beyond the draft.

This puts the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a bit of a bind, as they won't know whether they can rely on Aqib Talib for the upcoming season before the 2012 NFL Draft. The Bucs currently have a group of cornerbacks in Aqib Talib, Eric Wright, Ronde Barber, E.J. Biggers and Myron Lewis with which they could go into the season, but if Talib is not available the Bucs must find a quality replacement - and the draft would be the best way to do that.

When healthy and focused, Aqib Talib is easily the best cornerback on Tampa Bay's roster. Unfortunately, he's also entirely unreliable because of his off-field issues. Given the fact that Talib's fate won't be known until well after the draft, and the fact that both he and Ronde Barber are only under contract for one more season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would do well to find a future starting cornerback in the upcoming draft.