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Re-live Ronde Barber's finest moment

"It's intercepted! At the ten! To the twenty! Gone! Coast to coast, Ronde Barber! To the fifty! To the fourty! Barber to the thirty! No body's going to touch him! Ronde Barber! Ten, five, touchdown, Tampa Bay!"

Every Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan will know which play this is. The NFC Championship game after the 2002 regular season. Tampa Bay at Philadelphia. The last game in Philadelphia's Veteran Stadium, the third NFC Championship appearance for the Bucs in their history - and the third time in three years they faced the Eagles in the playoffs. All of that capped off by Ronde Barber's biggest play on nearly the biggest stage.

NFL Films thought Ronde Barber's return was worth posting the video of that interception and the surrounding plays once again, and it's certainly worth watching again. So do so, by clicking right here.

Enjoy. Hopefully the Bucs can get back to that stage again in the next few years - and with a little luck, Ronde Barber will get to be there too.