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Daily Bucs Links 3/17/12 - Mason Foster in the middle

Bucs Beat: LB Foster still in 'middle' of team's plans |
Good, I think that's still his best position.

Rays' Maddon, Bucs' Schiano share football connection |
Schiano once played football against Joe Maddon's college team, when Joe Maddon wasn't with that team anymore. WHAT A CONNECTION.

Free Agency Day 2: Catch Me If You Can - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Gotta love free agency when it goes like this.

Are the Buccaneers this year's 'Dream Team?'
Yay, the 'Dream Team' moniker.

Free Agency Day 3: Did The Bills Overpay Mario Williams? - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

Mario Williams signed by Buffalo Bills to bring major culture change - Don Banks -
A culture change of free agents wanting to come to Buffalo?

John Abraham Will Retire A Falcon - The Falcoholic
Way to overpay for an over-the-hill pass rusher, guys.

New Orleans Saints' discipline for bounty program expected before owner's meetings - Don Banks -

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Why Receivers Have Ruled Free Agency -
Because teams don't have elite quarterbacks.

Free agent linebacker Geno Hayes will visit the Broncos | ProFootballTalk

Geno Hayes talks to Broncos while Bucs LBs still in flux | & Tampa Bay Times
The Bucs don't want him back.

Holmgren gripes about Griffin trade | ProFootballTalk
Should have offered more, then.

In light of 2001 Hasselbeck trade, Holmgren’s complaints are hollow | ProFootballTalk
I must say, though, not allowing other potential trade partners to outbid an offer? Yeah, that's stupid.

Vontaze Burfict bombs his Pro Day, too | ProFootballTalk
"How do I go undrafted" 101.

Capitalism Vs. Socialism In Roger Goodell's NFL -
I don't care about the particulars, I'm just happy the Redskins and Cowboys got docked loads of cap space. Hate them.