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Daily Bucs Links 3/15/12 - Free agency continues, and the Bucs are winners

Bucs raid free agency, grabbing up three stars | Fox Sports Florida
They're certainly making headlines.

O-line becomes strength for Bucs - NFC South Blog - ESPN
On paper. Will that translate to production on the field?

Vincent Jackson will stretch field for Bucs - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Let's hope so.

Bucs add another big piece in Carl Nicks - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Biggest guard is best guard.

[Video] NFL Videos: Bucs sign 'biggest' man of three

Bucs sign Carl Nicks; crank up the pressure on Freeman and Schiano | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
If the Bucs find a third-down back somewhere, there's no reason Freeman can't be successful.

Free Agency Day 1: The Insightful and the Incoherent - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

Tampa Bay Buccaneers look more serious than they have in years - Tampa Bay Times
They were pretty serious in years past, too.

Buccaneers' plan hasn't changed - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Yeah, spending $140 million in one year in free agency was always part of the plan. Wait, what?

Breaking down Carl Nicks' contract - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Yay, contract details.

Dominik: "I Think We're Tired Of Rebuilding" | Pewter Report
Mostly I'm tired of not winning.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' GM Mark Dominik: 'I think we're tired of rebuilding here' - Tampa Bay Times
Mostly, he needs to save his behind from getting fired if the Bucs fail again next season.

Fennelly: Ownership finally opens its wallet and lets the bucks fly |

What Tampa Bay Buccaneers' spending spree means - Tampa Bay Times
It means they want to win.

A look at the Tampa Bay Bucs' newest additions - Tampa Bay Times
My take: they improve the team.

Early thoughts on NFL free agency - ESPN
Early thought: Bucs win.

After signing WR Jackson, G Nicks and CB Wright, Bucs say they will 'monitor' free agency but not be active | & Tampa Bay Times
The Bucs still have plenty of holes to fill.

Bucs’ big contracts are cash-flow friendly | ProFootballTalk
As far as I know, any guaranteed money has to be funded immediately, so PFT is inaccurate here.

Cosell’s Watching: Trent Richardson is the Best of 2012 : NFL Films Blog
He's certainly very good. news: Bucs make free-agency splash, but turnaround will take time
It always does.

Free agency early winners and losers – Audibles
Winners: Bucs. For now.

Bucs take significant turn with free-agent signings |
A turn to spending.

Insider: Bucs’ WR Vincent Jackson, By the Numbers | ESPN Florida | Florida's Sports Leader
The stats.

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Megabucks! Calvin Johnson becomes the NFL’s highest-paid receiver | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
That's a ton of money, but Johnson is probably the best receiver in the NFL.

Huge Coup: Bucs Land Coveted G Nicks with $47.5M Deal |
The Bucs have been busy.

Corner Market: Busy Bucs Sign CB Wright to $37.5M Contract |
Eh, a bit much for an inconsistent cornerback.

Bucs Go Deep in Free Agency, Sign Jackson to $55M Deal |
And that's the third.

Bucs making magic with no bonuses - NFC South Blog - ESPN
They've been very smart in the way they've structured these contracts.

Former players costing Saints, Falcons - NFC South Blog - ESPN

Vincent Jackson signing a great one for Tampa Bay Buccaneers - NFL - ESPN
At least one analyst thinks so.

Quick hits from the Buccaneers - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Quick thoughts.

Bucs Release Faine To Clear Cap Room | Pewter Report
Zuttah for center.

Jackson, Wright, Nicks: "The Perfect Fit" | Pewter Report
Pretty good fit, at least.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers release center Jeff Faine - Tampa Bay Times
Good luck with the rest of your career, Jeff.

Bucs release veteran C Jeff Faine |

Bucs Release Faine |
That was a long time coming.

[Video]Jackson, Nicks, and Wright Introductory PC, 1 of 3 |
Press conference, part 1.

[Video] Jackson, Nicks, and Wright Introductory PC, 2 of 3 |
Part two.

[Video] Jackson, Nicks, and Wright Introductory PC, 3 of 3 |
Part three.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Adjusted Interceptions 2011
Freeman still threw way too many.

New Bucs land in Tampa with plans for a quick turnaround | & Tampa Bay Times

Free agency roundup: DeSean Jackson, Brandon Carr lead non-Megatron deals | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Lots of money.

Hands to the Face: In Tampa… : NFL Films Blog

[Video] NFL Videos: High five!
Jackson talks.

[Video] NFL Videos: Tampa Bay's GM thrilled in free agency
What else is he going to say? "Yeah, I'm not too happy with the $140 million we just spent"?

[Video] NFL Videos: On the clock: Buccaneers
Trent Richardson.

[Video] NFL Videos: State of the Buccaneers
Improved. Blogs | Blog Archive Jackson: Chargers couldn’t match fervor of Bucs
The Bucs outbid everyone for Jackson.

Catching Contracts | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt loves what the Bucs did in terms of contracts.

New Orleans Saints offense won't get worse because Carl Nicks and Robert Meachem left - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Ehm, yes it will. It won't nosedive, but it will get worse.