Bruce Allen - Worst GM In Football?

There are some pretty bad general managers in pro football (yes Buddy Nix I'm looking at you) but this trade with Washington is insane, who will RGIII throw to? Who will play LT and RT(both are hurt and may not play).

But Lets not forget what he did here; more than any SINGLE man Bruce Allen took us from Super Bowl Champs to a team with a derth of talent. I'm basing this solely on his draft performance (though signing guys like Charlie Garner and others cost us some cap cuts that hurt too). He took over as draft day manager from Rich McKay in 2004 and Tampa fans here are the results (I've included only names for the first three rounds since you should be able to find starters / Pro Bowlers easier here)


1st Rnd(15th overall) WR Michael Clayton - BUST 1 Good season then sludge

3rd Rnd - Marquise Cooper LB - BUST

# of Pics after Rnd 3: 6 / # of NFL Starters: 0


1st Rnd(5th Overall) RB Cadillac Williams - OK , Good player but was hurt all the time and was hurt often at Auburn - he should have seen that coming

2nd Rnd MLB Barrett Rudd - Average NFL Starter

3rd Rnd : TE Alex Smith - Marginal NFL Player

3rd Rnd : OT Chris Colmer - BUST

# of Pics after Rnd 3: 8 / # of NFL Starters: 0


1st Rnd (23) OG Davin Joseph - Pro Bowler (his best pick of all time)

2nd Rnd OT Jeremy Trueblood - Slightly below average NFL Starter

3rd Rnd WR Maurice Stovall - BUST

# of Pics after Rnd 3: 7/ # of NFL Starters 0 {Bruce Gradkowski is a decent backup - rnd 6}


1st Rnd (4) DE Gaines Adams - RIP, not dominant in his time here (And worse we had the chance to trade up to #2 for Calvin Johnson, but he was unwilling to part with the first of his 2nd round picks that year who was)

2nd Rnd OG Aaron Search - BUST (Good player but out of football for mental reasons well known coming into the draft)

2nd Rnd S Sabby Piscatelli - BUST

3rd Rnd LB Quick Black - Below Average LB

# of Pics after Rnd 3: 6 / # of NFL Starters : 1 FS Tannard Jackson(4th Rnd)

2008 [Thankfully his last after destroying what McKay built]

1st Rnd (15) Aqib Talib - Bust in the making (Character issues well know but we took him anyway and he's liable to be suspended even if he doesnt go to the pen)

2nd Rnd WR Dexter Jackson - Never Played an NFL down, cut in training camp

3rd Rnd OG Jeremy Zuttah - Good pick

# of Picks after Rnd 3: 4 / # of NFL Starters : 0 [Geno Hayes and Josh Johnson are decent backups]

Pretty Pathetic Record by Bruce Allen:

5 First Round Picks - 1 Pro Bowler , No Pro Bowlers in any other round

5 2nd Round Picks - 2 Starters, Barrett Rudd and Jeremy Trueblood, both are ho-hum

6 3rd Round Picks - 1 Good Player- Jeremy Zuttah

31 Picks after Rnd 3: 1 Starter

Compare that to Mark Dominik's record so Far:

3 First Round Picks : QB Freeman, DT McCoy, DE Adrian Clayborn, 3 Starters

(McCoy never missed a college game due to injury so I cant hold that against him, Clayborn is promising and Freeman may be a franchise QB)

3 2nd Round Picks: DT Price, WR Benn, DE Bowers - 3 Starters

All three have started at times and while I don't think we have a Pro Bowler there the jury is still out

3 3rd Round Picks : DT Miller, CB Lewis, LB Foster - 1 Starter Maybe

(Two busts - yeah I'm ready to call that on Miller&Lewis, and the jury is still out on Foster)

14 Picks after Rnd 3: 2 Starters (WR Williams and SS Grimm) along with Dekota Watson and about 3 players from last yers draft the jury is still out on)

Who's Tampa's Best of all Time: Rich McKay 1995-2003

8 1st Round Picks: 3 Pro-Bowlers (Sapp, Brooks, Dunn) 3 "ok" Starters: WR Anthony, DE Upshaw, DT McFarland , 2 Busts : Kenyatta Walker & DT Marcus Jones

7 2nd Round Picks: 1 Pro-Bowler (Alstott) , 4 Starters (OT Wunsch, CB B. Kelly, OG C. Coleman, DE D.White)

9 3rd Round Picks: 3 Pro-Bowlers (Grammatica, CB D.Abraham, CB Ronde Barber), 2 Other Starters (Frank Middleton & Dwight Smith), 1 Marginal (QB C. Simms- Injury so I reserve judgement)

47 Picks after Rnd 3: 1 Pro-Bowler (Al Harris - though not with us) , 3 Starters , and Dexter Jackson

Anyway if you want to share memories of just how bad Bruce Allen SUCKS feel free to share.

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