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Butch Davis to be Senior Defensive Assistant with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

According to Alex Marvez of Fox Sports (who seems to get all the breaking coaching stories now) the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will hire Butch Davis as a Senior Defensive Assistant. Davis is best known as the head coach at the University of Miami in the late '90s and was most recently the head coach for the University of North Carolina. He has also served as an NFL head coach for the Cleveland Browns as well as an NFL defensive coordinator for the 1993 and 1994 Dallas Cowboys.

This comes just a day after the Bucs hired Jimmy Raye II as a Senior Offensive Assistant - again reported by Alex Marvez. Assuming these new titles aren't just different ways of spelling "coordinator", the Bucs don't actually seem to be skimping on their coaching hires, despite some reports on their frugal ways. Hiring a former head coach and a former long-time coordinator as "senior assistants" can't be cheap - if the team is also hiring coordinators, which isn't a given.

One question that does arise from all of this: if Davis and Raye aren't the coordinators - what, exactly, will they be doing?