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Coordinator hires are flying around - except for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Kansas City Chiefs have hired Brian Daboll as their offensive coordinator. The Pittsburgh Steelers are hiring Todd Haley, according to 610 AM in Kansas City and confirmed by Chris Mortensen of ESPN. The Oakland Raiders hired Jason Tarver as their defensive coordinator. All this happened in the past day - while the Bucs have just been turned down by Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

I'm sure the Bucs are very busy assembling a coaching staff behind the scenes, making moves no one knows about. That is, after all, what they did all offseason in pursuing Chip Kelly and later Greg Schiano - moves that didn't leak until hours before contracts were signed (or contact was broken off).

But the Bucs do need to hurry a little. Not because the players aren't being coached - coaches can't talk to players in the coming months anyway - but because the Bucs must evaluate the roster, the free agency market and draftable players. To evaluate those players properly, they need to know the schemes the team will use - and to do that, they need to know who the coordinators will be.

Moreover, the longer this goes in, the harder it will be to hire quality coaches. The Bucs can't afford to come up with another Jeff Jagodzinski as offensive coordinator.