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Tampa Bay Buccaneers turned down again: Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn says "no thanks" per report

According to Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun, Florida Gators defensive coordinator Dan Quinn interviewed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their defensive coordinator job - and then turned it down. Dan Quinn has been the Gators' defensive coordinator for one seasons and spent the previous decade as a defensive line coach in the NFL for various teams.

This proves two things: for one, the Bucs are really good at keeping their interests in coaching jobs quiet (as if we didn't know that yet). For two, the Bucs are getting turned down by a lot of coaches. Confirmed coaches to turn down the Bucs at one point or another include Chip Kelly, Wade Phillips and now Dan Quinn if this report can be believed. Dan Quinn, who would rather stay at a good college team than come to the NFL, despite mostly coaching in the NFL in previous seasons.

Meanwhile, reports of stinginess in coaches' pay surfaced and it's getting harder and harder to not interpret all of this as the Bucs hurting themselves in creating a competitive team - either by not spending, or simply through their reputation.