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Daily Bucs Links 2/4/12 - Free agency coming?

Bucs Beat: Team to be 'involved' in free agency |
How involved is that going to be?

Big East coaches offer a glimpse into the mind of Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano - Tampa Bay Times
And that mind was plenty annoying for Big East coaches.

Greg Hardy, Adrian Clayborn all-around DEs - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Clayborn looks like a future star.

Goodell: No immediate plans for NFL expansion, except Thursdays |
More Thursday games, and every team is going to get a primetime game every year.

P.J. Fleck Resigns After One Day at NIU, Next Stop Tampa? | Pewter Report
Former Rutgers receivers coach, resigned from the NIU offensive coordinator job.

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Madonna gives Bucs' McCoy advice but no kiss |
Ehm, okay.

Sports | Unlike Patriots, NFL slow to embrace 'Moneyball' | Seattle Times Newspaper
Well, when you define moneyball as 'whatever the Pats do', sure.

Bill Belichick, Vince Wilfork, and the New England Patriots defense - Grantland
A really good piece on the Patriots' defense, and a good primer on 4-3/3-4 defenses and 1-gap/2-gap techniques.

Greg Schiano Leaves Spotlight Of Rutgers Football For Low-Profile Buccaneers Job | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, And The Genius Of The Patriots' No-Huddle Offense
The genius is snapping the ball before the defense is ready. That's why I loved that the Bucs went after Chip Kelly, who built his entire program around that.

[Video] Journey to the Field: Davin Joseph, Pt. 1 |
How did Davin Joseph get to where he is now?

Legacy, O-line will lead Tom Brady to Super Bowl win over Giants - Don Banks -
I hope not.

Five reasons Giants will win Super Bowl XLVI – Audibles