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Three things to dislike about new Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano

I looked at three reasons to like the hiring of Greg Schiano a couple of days ago, but there are also some reasons to dislike this hiring.

Can he bring in and work with good assistant coaches?

This is the number one question Greg Schiano has to answer now, and he hasn't done a good job so far. He wasn't helped by the timing of his hiring, which saw a lot of good assistant coaches already signed by other teams. Instead, the Bucs face a somewhat depleted coaching market - and they aren't exactly making a lot of progress right now.

That's the problem with hiring someone who has been a college coach for the past 14 years: he doesn't have an extensive NFL network to help him find the right assistant coaches. While I'm sure Schiano will eventually assemble a coaching staff that works for him, the quality of that coaching staff will be negatively impacted by the lack of choice the Bucs have.

He wasn't all that successful at Rutgers in the first place

While he turned around a historically inept program, his success wasn't overwhelming. He went 68-67 in his 11 seasons at Rutgers, which isn't great. He never won the Big East, and only had one truly successful season when he came within one win of making the National Championship Game (probably). But his record doesn't scream "great coach". If a coach can't win the Big East, can he win the Super Bowl?

Offense? What about offense?

Greg Schiano has a defensive background. That's nice, but it comes with a few problems. First and most obviously, hiring him does little to help get Josh Freeman back on track - especially so if he can't bring in good offensive assistant coaches. Second, defensive coaches tend to be conservative in calling games and building teams. They want to win on defense.

At least Schiano didn't talk about having a ball-control offense, so that's one step in the right direction. But conservatism and this version of the NFL don't mix. The best teams are aggressive and make bold moves - on the field, and in personnel decisions. Will Schiano do this, or will he be Steady Eddie?