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A new kind of head coach comes to Tampa Bay

For the past ten years, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had head coaches who were perhaps little more than glorified coordinators. While that's a little harsh, both Jon Gruden and Raheem Morris ran their side of the ball - and left the coaching of the other side to their coordinator. Gruden was the offensive coordinator in all but name, and called the plays on game day while Monte Kiffin ran the defense. Raheem Morris flipped the roles, and while he ran the defense he left the offense to Greg Olson.

That will no longer be the case with Greg Schiano. He will let his coordinators do the playcalling, but it's clear that he is focused on delivering one unified message. He'll oversee the team as a whole, and will be involved in all three phases of the game. He told NBC Sports "if you call the plays, it's harder to really involve yourself in the other phases."

This is a different kind of coach. one who wants to establish a team identity and preside over an organization. The upside is that he can create unity and a real team, overhauling the organization. The downside? It means a lot of the schematic issues and day-to-day coaching will be determined by his assistant coaches - once again emphasizing the need for a quality coaching staff.