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Daily Bucs Links 2/24/12 - Ronde Barber and Aqib Talib could be back

2012 NFL Free Agency: Five Free Agents the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Should Keep - SB Nation Tampa Bay
Bringing back those players would be a good start.

Bucs still without QBs coach, but Sullivan will take active role with Freeman | & Tampa Bay Times
I'd still like to see a QB coach, you know.

Schiano's hiring pattern not unusual - NFC South Blog - ESPN
It's not? Oh.

Schiano addresses Barber, Talib situations - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Well, sounds like he'd welcome both back.

Schiano says Barber will ultimately let the Bucs know how he fits in the defense for 2012 | & Tampa Bay Times
We'll see if he's back, then.

Schiano sounds willing to give Talib a clean slate next season | & Tampa Bay Times
I wonder how long he'll last.

Bucs' Schiano says Barber, Aqib could be back |
Could be.

Schiano wants Freeman to push the 'reset button' | & Tampa Bay Times
"Reset to being good", I hope.

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Bucs' defensive coaching staff in place |

Bucs coach Schiano's staff nearly complete |

Bucs complete defensive coaching staff - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Nearly done.

Bucs announce defensive coaching staff | & Tampa Bay Times
Just a QB coach now, I think.

Bucs Announce 2012 Defensive Coaching Staff | Pewter Report
Close to done.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano settles into job - Tampa Bay Times

[Video] Up and Coming Bucs – Adrian Clayborn |
He was pretty good last year already.

[Video] What do the Bucs do at No. 5 overall? |
Select a player.

Schiano’s Defensive Staff Complete |

Prospect Central: Bucs Head to Indy |
Who are the Bucs interested in?

NFL Scouting Combine Preview | Pewter Report
Previewing everything.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Under the Cap: NFC South Cap Overview
The Bucs have a ton of cap space. They can free up some $12 million more by cutting Faine and Trueblood.

10 to watch at the scouting combine: The offense | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Plenty of good players.

10 to watch at the scouting combine: The defense | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
And some more.