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Daily Bucs Links 2/18/12 - Cox and Sheridan join the Bucs

Bucs add ex-NFL linebacker Cox to defensive staff |
Interesting addition.

Bryan Cox hired as Bucs defensive assistant | & Tampa Bay Times
He'll bring some attitude to the defense. Then again, Greg Lloyd could have done that last year too.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers hire Bill Sheridan as defensive coordinator - Tampa Bay Times
The coaching search is slowly coming to a conclusion.

Bucs Make It Official: Sheridan Hired As Defensive Coordinator | Pewter Report
We'll see how this works.

Bucs hire Bill Sheridan as defensive coordinator |
He wasn't exactly successful in his one shot as a defensive coordinator, but that doesn't mean he can't be.

Buccaneers' staff adds more NFL flavor - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Most coaches at least have NFL experience.

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Davis: "I Am Commited To Helping This Team Win A Super Bowl" | Pewter Report
That sounds good, at least.

Cleveland Browns will franchise LB D'Qwell Jackson if they can't sign him to multi-year deal, source says |
That's another free agent likely off the market.

Sheridan Chosen to Run Bucs' Defense |
The Bucs have their own spin on the story, of course.

[Video] Journey to the Field: Davin Joseph, Part 3 |
More Davin Joseph talking.