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Daily Bucs Links 2/15/12 - Spend, spend, spend

Dominik: Bucs putting "every penny" into free agency |
Ehm, that's not actually what he said, but okay.

Davis wants to be an 'extra set of eyes,' for Schiano, but not coach, Bucs GM Dominik says. | & Tampa Bay Times
Good for him.

Sports Radio Interviews | Raheem Morris Isn’t Looking Back After Being Fired in Tampa
Raheem talks about his time in Tampa, mistakes he made, and Josh Freeman.

Morris: Freeman has bright future - NFC South Blog - ESPN
An excerpt from the above interview.

Free Agency Primer: NFC South – Audibles
Apparently, Dominik wants to spend.

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Eli Manning is 'sad' to see Mike Sullivan leave for Tampa Bay Buccaneers |
Well, the Bucs are 'happy' to see him go.

Some pre-combine scouting - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Yay, names.

Chargers working to keep Jackson - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
We'll see. Free agency opens in a month.

"Poison pill" for offer sheets removed from CBA | ProFootballTalk
No more of that.

Classes Offer Cheerleading Hopefuls a Head Start |
Want to be a cheerleader? Go!