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The Run and Shoot comes to Tampa

Celebrating the run and shoot
Celebrating the run and shoot

With the hiring of Mike Sullivan as offensive coordinator, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also hired an offensive philosophy: the run and shoot. Sullivan has spent nearly his entire coaching career under Kevin Gilbride, the New York Giants offensive coordinator and an old run and shoot adept. The New York Giants don't run that wide-open run and shoot of the 1980s, as no team does - but the Giants have incorporated a lot of run and shoot concepts in their offense.

The result for New York has been an aggressive offense that throws down the field frequently, facilitated by quarterback who is extremely comfortable throwing into tight windows and letting his receivers fight for the football. That's all based on a strong running game and a balanced attack. While the Giants' offense is aggressive, it's not a wide-open spread offense, and it's not a pure run and shoot offense in that sense.

That kind of offense is exactly the opposite of what we've seen on the field the past decade in Tampa. The West Coast Offense which relied on short passes is fundamentally different from the aggressive, downfield offense found in the run and shoot.

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