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Butch Davis joins Tampa Bay Buccaneers, won't coach

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have officially added Butch Davis to their staff, but not in any coaching capacity. He has been named the special assistant to the head coach, as opposed to the earlier reported title of senior defensive assistant. Whether that difference in title is significant remains to be seen, but it seems to imply one thing: the Bucs never intended for Davis to be their defensive coordinator.

Had the Bucs wanted to add Butch Davis in a coaching capacity, they would have had to buy out his North Carolina contract, which was still worth a reported $2.7 million. Instead, Davis will help Greg Schiano mold the franchise. While it's not clear what he will do, it is clear he won't be doing one thing: coaching.

And that means the Bucs continue their search for a defensive coordinator, a search they still haven't finished in part because coaches declined to join the team, or were denied that opportunity by their current employers. With the Combine and free agency around the corner, the Bucs need to get a defensive coordinator in the building, if only so they can figure out what kind of players they want to add to the team.