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Butch Davis hired by Buccaneers to not do any coaching

It seems the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have actually hired Butch Davis as their senior defensive assistant. The catch: the former coach won't actually coach. Instead, he'll have a consulting role according to the Tampa Bay Times. There's a very simple reason for that: if he were to coach, he'd lose about $1.8 million still owed him by the University of North Carolina.

So if he's not actually going to coach, what will Davis be doing? Advising Schiano, designing a defense and allowing others to implement that defense, or just sitting in an office all day drinking coffee, warning players to get out lest they inadvertently receive some coaching?

Given Davis' background as a defensive coordinator I'm sure he'll assist in the designing of the Bucs' defense, but he won't be the one coaching the players or running that defense on game day. This could easily turn into a scenario of too many cooks spoiling the broth. While Davis' advice will no doubt be valuable, ultimately the defensive coordinator has to be responsible for the defense. Will that happen with Davis under contract?