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Daily Bucs Links 2/1/12 - McNulty still wants to move

Bucs still working to pry McNulty from Cardinals | & Tampa Bay Times
Why would the Cardinals let him go?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers still working to pry John McNulty from Arizona Cardinals - Tampa Bay Times
They'd better be working on backup plans, too.

Cards have little incentive to appease Bucs - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Leroy Butler irked at Sapp, Buccaneers - NFC South Blog - ESPN
As if the Glazers would listen to Sapp.

Schiano will face challenges in filling out staff | Fox Sports Florida
He's already facing them.

Buccaneers: First look at free agency - NFC South Blog - ESPN
How active will the Bucs be?

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Dominik pledges Buccaneers will be involved in free agency - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Hurray. | Gerald McCoy Talks About His Return, Schiano - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Hopefully he can stay healthy.

Dominik Recognized for Military Outreach Efforts |
Good for him.

Super Bowl Myths: 'Defense Wins Championships,' And Other Misconceptions -

[Insider] Which teams' under-25 talent improved most drastically during the 2011 season? - NFL - ESPN
The Bucs' talent imploded.

Gerald McCoy says Tampa Bay Buccaneers eager to play for Greg Schiano - Tampa Bay Times
They said the same thing about Raheem.