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NFL Picks Week 17 - DLT's Deadlocks

We're headed to the new year - where does DLT's final predictions of the season go?

Baby New Year put on a little.
Baby New Year put on a little.
Jonathan Daniel

The football gods delivered me a nice Christmas present, a 12-4 week. So now we look to 2013 with hope for the future (now that we know we'll all actually be here....we think - maybe the Mayans were a little off? It was 5,000 or whatever years ago) and it's time for the new year's resolutions.

My new years resolution? To finish better than ESPN's Eric Wright, Keyshawn Johnson and possibly Adam Schefter in my picks.

But hey, enough about me. What New Year's Resolution should your team have for '13?

Last Week: 12-4 75% 1 for 1 on Upset Specials

Season: 144-96 60% Upset Specials: 10-27, 27%


Upset Special: Buccaneers 27, Falcons 13 - Full disclosure: this is more of a hope than an actual pick. My NYR for the Bucs is to get some help on defense (specifically in the secondary). The resolution for Atlanta? Win least one playoff game this playoff run.

Bills 30, Jets 10 - The NYR for the NYJ is to find themselves a new gm, new coach and a new quarterback not named Sanchez or Tebow. The Bill NYR is to have a winning season (next year, obviously) to complete owner Ralph Wilson's bucket list.

Ravens 23, Bengals 13 - For the Ravens, it's to make that one last play that gets them over the hump. For Cincinnati, it's to surprise some people in the playoffs this year.

Steelers 20, Browns 10 - For the Steelers, it might be time to "retool". For the Browns, it's always time to "rebuild".

Upset Special#2: Lions 30, Bears 20 - The loser of this game could be looking for a new coach for their NYR. For me, its Lovie who won't be lovin' Black Monday. For the Lions, their NYR should be humility. You've had one winning season in the past 12 years.

Titans 16, Jaguars 10 - For the flaming thumbtacks, for Chris Johnson to get his groove back. For the Jags - what else? Get Tim Tebow. It will at least make Jags games relevant.

Giants 30, Eagles 10 - For the G-men, a new season to get over the Super Bowl hangover. For the Eagles, a new coaching staff that can pull this team out of it's doldrums.

Saints 30, Panthers 24 - For the Saints, their new year's resolution should be to develop some cap space or the continued implosion of the franchise will continue - even with Sean Payton back. For the Panthers, a more humble Cam in 2013.

Texans 27, Colts 17 - For the Texans, a long playoff run to really establish the franchise as Texas' team. For the Colts, some more help for Andrew Luck and a nice performance in the playoffs.

Upset Special #3: Vikings 30, Packers 23 - For the Vikings, the NYR is prove the doubters wrong (and have AP run wild and break Dickerson's record). For Green Bay, it's to get better overall. You're back in the playoffs again but are you really a contender?

Seahawks 50, Rams 10 - For the Seahawks, their NYR is to save some for the post-season. For St. Louis, get some weapons on offense to go with their improving defense.

Patriots 30, Dolphins 20 - The NYR for the Dolphins is to stay off Hard Knocks in 2013. For the Patriots, its time win the Super Bowl. It's been seven straight years of playoff failures.

Broncos 30, Chiefs 10 - For the Broncos, it's to protect Peyton in the playoffs (and next season). For Kansas City, it's to get rid of everyone and put this ugly, terrible season behind them.

Chargers 23, Raiders 10 - For San Diego, their NYR is to not be fooled again by a late Norv surge. For Oakland...don't do it, Mark Davis. Don't be your dad and fire the coach after one season.

49ers 23, Cardinals 13 - For Arizona, their NYR is to find someone...anyone who can play decently at quarterback. For the Niners, they've been playing out the string for a few weeks now - it's time to get focused and serious.

Sunday Night

Redskins 30, Cowboys 13 - For the Skins, bottle what ever vision GM Bruce Allen and coach Mike Shannahan had in trading up for RG III and apply that to the 2013 draft. For the Cowboys, it's time to blow it up again, Jerry.

One extra...

BCS National Championship

Alabama 20, Notre Dame 13 - I won't believe anyone can beat the SEC until somebody actually does it.

Hey everyone, thanks for reading and I wish everyone a very Happy New Year.