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NFL Picks: The Week of Meaningless Games

Ronald Martinez

It's the final week of the season! A week filled with completely meaningless games, and a few supremely meaningful games. Who will win? We prognosticate and fail to get any predictions right, of course.

Buccaneers at Falcons
Team on a down note faces team that has nothing to play for. I'm going to go with Buccaneers because at least they can play for something. And hurt their draft position.

Jets at Bills
Mark Sanchez is back as starting quarterback. This is the most hilarious quarterback situation I've ever seen. Well, except for the Cardinals' legion of how-is-this-guy-on-an-NFL-team quarterbacks. Bills

Ravens at Bengals
Not that much to play for, though either team could jump up one spot in playoff seeding. I'm going to go with Bengals because I am in love with that defense. That's the way you run an aggressive, blitzing 4-3 defense.

Browns at Steelers
The Browns are starting Thad Lewis at quarterback. Who? Exactly. Nothing to play for, but that has to mean the Steelers win.

Bears at Lions
Bears. Because the Lions suck and have nothing to play for, while the Bears can still make the playoffs. Watch this game to see Suh do something awful and borderline illegal to Jay Cutler.

Jaguars at Titans
Ahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahaahahahaha Jaguars.

Eagles at Giants
Eagles are awful, and the Giants can still make it into the playoffs with a lot of help. So, Giants.

Panthers at Saints
No one has anything to play for. I hope both teams fail miserably. I predict a 0-0 tie for my amusement.

Texans at Colts
Two playoff teams face off and they can only play for some minor seeding issues? Lame. Texans because the Colts really aren't that good.

Packers at Vikings
Great games, and they have something to play for. Kind of. The Packers can improve their seeding, while the Vikings can make the playoffs. It's in Minnesota and Adrian Peterson will bull over that defense. Vikings

Rams at Seahawks
, because they seriously may be the best team in the NFL right now. Another 4-3 defense that does know how to play aggressively, with blitzes.

Dolphins at Patriots
Ewwwwwwwwwww Patriots.

Chiefs at Broncos
lol Broncos.

Raiders at Chargers
Wow, the AFC has some awful, awful games. Chargers because I guess someone has to win this thing, and Terrelle Pryor isn't going to be the guy to do that.

Cardinals at 49ers
Ahahahahahahah Arizona quarterbacks. 49ers

Cowboys at Redskins
Win and you're in! The offenses are about equal, but the Cowboys have the far superior defense. Cowboys take it, only to get clobbered in the first round of the playoffs.