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Changes to the Bucs Nation homepage

In a continuing effort to improve the site experience, the product team is expecting to roll out a new homepage across SB Nation.

Over the past months the product team has gotten a lot of feedback and they've made many small improvements. Performance and mobile experience have been improved massively since the original launch, but they've now looked at the homepage and seen what worked and what didn't. A number of changes will be implement shortly.

The biggest changes will happen to the Cover and the River. The community features had been pushed down, while the front page was harder to scan quickly. That will change, as Fanposts will get a more prominent place on the home page. The river will turn into a straight collection of stories, rather than the snaking feel it has now, and the cover will be shorter, allowing the rest of the page, including fanposts, to get more exposure at the top as well.

We also want your feedback on these changes. What do you think of the changes, and what can be done to improve on them? Here's a screenshot of what the new layout will look like, and you can visit the product blog for further details. Please leave your feedback here, on with the original blog post.