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Watch Rams vs. Buccaneers Online

For the masochists and those who can't stand to miss a single minute of Tampa Bay Buccaneers football, the NFL has once again made the game available online for free. If the game was blacked out for you, you should be able to watch it online by following this link.

If that link doesn't take you to the game, you're out of luck -- but it should then take you to a page where you can buy NFL Game Rewind to watch the game. If you want to pay money for that monstrosity (note: I wouldn't).

The game should be available for a couple of days, though I'm not entirely sure when access is cut off. So if you want to watch Josh Freeman throw a bunch of interceptions, Mike Williams fall down, Lavonte David blow coverage and lots of turnovers on downs, follow the link. If you don't want to do that, I won't blame you for a second.