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NFL Picks Week 16 - DLT's Deadlocks

It's the end of the world as we know if it...and we're thankfully coming close to an end for DLT's picks season as well.

At least watching Tebow would be interesting....
At least watching Tebow would be interesting....
Al Messerschmidt

It sucks. I procrastinated with my picks this week, didn't do any kind of research (yes, I do research, jerks) and I come into this pick segment woefully ill prepared. It's the Mayans fault. I blew off my articles for the week fully expecting the world to end this morning. I can't tell you how disappointed I am that the apocalypse didn't come because now I have to embarrass myself further in my picks segment.

I skated through with a woeful 9-7 record this week (thank you Mark Sanchez) so like Josh Freeman and the Bucs - I had a slow start, a strong middle and a really crappy end to the season.

Hopefully it will get better this week.

So - what's our theme this week? Hell, I don't know. Like I said - world. end. no preparey catchy pick stuff. I think we'll just go straight hard hitting analysis and prognostication this week.

Naaah, who am I kidding? Without my substandard humor I'm just a terrible picker.

I'm sure I can come up with something on the fly.

Let's see...

Last Week: 9-7 56%

Season: 132-93 59% Upset Specials: 9-27 25%

Saturday Night

Falcons 30, Lions 13 - The Falcons finally got their "signature win". Typically for them, it came during the regular season. The Lions? Yeesh.


Panthers 26, Raiders 16 - It looks like Cam and the Pitties are making a run at keeping Ron Rivera around for one more year. In my best Mr. Burns voice....EXXXCELLENT.

Dolphins 20, Bills 10 - Miami looks like they have a pulse. Bills look like they belong in Los Angeles.

Steelers 30, Bengals 20 - Pittsburgh season hangs in the balance against Cincy. I'm sorry - between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati - who do I trust? I'll always go with the Steelers and Big Ben.

Patriots 45, Jaguars 10 - There's one team in the NFL that needs Tim Tebow - and that's Jacksonville. Only the power of Christ could save this bunch.

Colts 26, Chiefs 20 - Andrew Luck may win rookie of the year even if throws for more interceptions than touchdowns. That tells you how bad the Dolts were last season.

Upset Special: Saints 30, Cowboys 14 - Drew Brees and company took it to Tampa Bay last week and it looks like they're ready to screw up somebody's playoff hopes. Hello, Jerry.

Redskins 26, Eagles 13 - It's just not fair that the Redskins go from no quarterback to ridiculously rich in quarterbacks in one off-season. There's at least eight teams in the league Kirk Cousins could start for now, today. And they'll be one on the other sideline this week.

Rams 27, Buccaneers 13 - I don't think I'm picking the Bucs again after that woeful display last week. Suddenly, all that "led in every game and never lost a game by more than one score stuff" goes by the wayside when you give up a forty burger AND are shut out by one of the dregs of the NFL. Yes Saints fan, your team sucks. Just not as bad as Tampa Bay.

Chargers 30, Jets 3 - After the Chargers destroy New York and what's his name - do you think they go back to Sanchez or finally give Tebow a shot?

Packers 30, Titans 10- Living in Green Bay in December must feel like the end of the world - or at least the ice age.

Texans 30, Vikings 16 - Well, it was nice for Minnesota to be in playoff position for at least a week.

Broncos 40, Browns 10 - Can Peyton make it to the end of the year? Considering the Browns likely won't touch him - sure, why not?

Bears 26, Cardinals 10 - If the Bears can't beat Arizona, then Lovie really should start worrying about his job security.

Giants 27, Ravens 20 - Which team has slumped worse?

Sunday Night

49ers 30, Seahawks 27 - Seattle steps up in class a bit with the 49ers, who were thrashing the Patriots before nearly getting "Eli'd" by Brady. No Fifty-burger for the Seahags this week.