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Buccaneers vs. Rams Blacked Out Locally


The final home game of the season will be blacked out for local Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. When the Bucs face the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, they will have to do so without the support of the local fans who are staying at home. The Bucs have had six of their eight home games blacked out this season, with only the home games against the New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles seeing that blackout lifted. Ironically, the Bucs lost both games in rather excruciating fashion.

The Bucs implemented a rule this season that allowed them to keep a game on television when just 85% of general admission tickets have been sold. This helped two games avoid blackouts, but it certainly wasn't enough to avoid blackouts entirely. In other cities, local businesses and at times team owners tend to buy up tickets to keep the games on television.

For those locals who do wish to go see the game, our ticket partner TiqIQ has plenty of Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets available.