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GIF: Buccaneers rush the Victory Formation again

Greg Schiano failed to be aggressive throughout most of the fourth quarter, but managed to keep the Buccaneers' hopes alive nonetheless. And that, of course, set up something we haven't seen since the week two matchup against the New York Giants: an opponent kneeling out the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The result: the Bucs rushed the Broncos' victory formation, and, well, Denver didn't take kindly to that:

The Bucs will undoubtedly get some flak for this stuff, but should they? The game isn't over until it's over, and even the minute chance of forcing a fumble is better than no chance at all. The risk of injury is certainly fairly big on this play, and it really hasn't bothered anyone taking a snap this year. But supposedly, it did work in college.

Is this okay according to NFL etiquette? Obviously not, but Greg Schiano doesn't care about etiquette if it stands in the way of a minute chance at a victory.