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Peyton Manning drives down the field for seven points

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers pass defense is awful. That shouldn't surprise anyone, and the Broncos took full advantage on the first drive. After the Buccaneers went 3-and-out on their first drive, Peyton Manning just drove down the field. Twice he was given a first down with legitimate penalties on the Bucs, and a missed holding call then got the Broncos to the one-yard line. To make matters worse, tackle Mitch Unrein got the touchdown. Yeah, these Broncos are going to give it to the Bucs on defense today.

Tampa Bay's sole hope? Keeping up on offense. Josh Freeman and Doug Martin need to get going today to give them a chance of winning.

Peyton Manning is 5 of 7 for 37 yards and one touchdown, which isn't too bad. But the only reason he wasn't more productive was that the Bucs stopped him from completing passes by interfering with his receivers.