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Tragedy in Kansas City - Thoughts and Prayers

Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher did the unthinkable, killing the mother of his child, then driving to the team facility and shooting himself in front of his GM and Head Coach.

Jamie Squire

It puts football in perspective doesn't it? When something happens as what happened today in Kansas City, it helps you remember that this is just a football game. These guys are human beings with lives outside of the chalked lines.

I don't know what drove Jovan Belcher to this tragic end - perhaps we'll never know. One thing is certain, he murdered the mother of his children and the proceeded to destroy the lives of his family, Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel.

I've never seen anyone die - I don't ever want to. I can't imagine the pain and horror that both men are going through today - to witness something so traumatic.

Further and really most importantly, a newborn child is without either parent, a mother weeps for the loss of her son while a victim's family is left wondering why.

The Bucs battled the Chiefs on the football field not too long ago. Jovan Belcher was on the field at Raymond James Stadium as the Bucs defeated them.

Now he and Kasandra Perkins are dead.

I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my own personal thoughts and prayers to our brothers and sisters over at Arrowhead Pride. As bad as this season has been for the Chiefs fans - I can't imagine the heartache and despair they are feeling right now.

The latest developments can be found in this story stream.