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Daily Bucs Links 12/18/12 - Barber defying odds

Bucs' Ronde Barber defying odds at 37 - Yahoo! Sports
Great story on a great player.

Bucs' Freeman: "We are unified" | & Tampa Bay Times
We are we are.

Lopsided score made things easy on the Saints' defense | & Tampa Bay Times
Poor play made things easy on Saints defense. - NFC South Spin cycle: Falcons not playing pretend
NFC South notes.

Freeman: Bucs need better communication on offense |
Among other things.

Bucs Q&A: Why change winning Bucs' game plans? |
They didn't.

Schiano: 'We threw a clunker...the sky is not falling.' | & Tampa Bay Times
Pretty clunky.

Schiano Not Worried About Anonymous Sources | Pewter Report
I would worry.

Bucs notes: Team remains unified after fourth straight loss |
Yes yes.

Receivers coach P.J. Fleck's expected departure a major loss for Bucs | & Tampa Bay Times
It will be an issue, but he was just a WR coach.

Buccaneers learning three new Rs the hard way - Tampa Bay Times

Careers of Bucs, Jets QBs follow similar highs, woes |
Except Freeman is a lot better.

QB Freeman wants slumping Bucs to finish strong - Yahoo! Sports
Everyone does. Well, every Bucs fan.

The NFL playoffs, if there was a bowl system -
Fairly hilarious.

Bucs Given The Day Off; Freeman Says Team Remains Unified | Pewter Report

Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins just fine without RG3 -
Jump to conclusions after one game, gogogogo.

NFL morning after: Statement Sunday — or was it? | ProFootballTalk
NFL notes.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Audibles at the Line: Week 15
Notes on every game -- except the Bucs.

Peyton Manning gets red-hot Broncos into a rhythm. | : Gwen Knapp Article
More NFL notes.

Pittsburgh Steelers down but far from out; Week 15 notes -
NFL notes everywhere.

[Video] Post Game Locker Room @ Saints-Mike Williams |

[Video] HC Greg Schiano Day After Game Press Conference |

[Audio] Mike Williams Show, 12/17 |
And more.

[Audio] Greg Schiano Show, 12/17 |
Talking a lot.

Foundation's Shopping Spree Creates Holiday Givers |
Community work.