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Is Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano losing his team?

Greg Schiano came to Tampa with discipline, but that kind of discipline can quickly backfire as players rebel. With four consecutive losses and one terrible blowout loss, that time seems to have come.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

One Tampa Bay Buccaneer told Pro Football Talk "Can we send these coaches back to college?" after yesterday's blowout loss. Yes, we are now forced to ask whether head coach Greg Schiano is losing the team.

Schiano came into town with a harsh message of discipline, demanding his players do whatever they are told. Some players don't take kindly to that kind of coaching, and as a result several players were shipped out of town. Before the season started, Kellen Winslow, Brian Price, Dezmon Briscoe and Tanard Jackson were sent packing -- all of them starters at one point.

Apparently that wasn't good enough to keep the good times rolling. At least one player complained about 'college coaches' to Pro Football Talk. That doesn't even make that much sense: almost all of the Bucs' coaches have previous NFL experience, but it doesn't really matter whether it makes sense. It's the first evidence of cracks in the system.

Schiano has done some unorthodox this season, like rushing the victory formation, but as long as it led to wins, players would follow. Now that the losses are piling up, we're seeing some small signs of mutiny. Couple this with Adam Hayward shoving Bryan Cox, and the team doesn't look like the unified front Greg Schiano would like to present.

With Schiano, though, there's only one solution: to get rid of whoever's complaining. Schiano will not change his ways: his entire coaching philosophy is built on this sort of thing. On the unquestioning obeying of the leader. On discipline, incredible attention to detail and trying to regulate every minor detail of a player's life as a Buccaneer. Some players will take to that -- but some won't, and for Schiano to succeed, he needs to get rid of the players who turn into malcontents when the losing starts.