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NFL Week 10 Picks - DLT's Deadlocks

Feeling the high of a better performance, DLT looks to keep the positive vibes flowing as he "smokes" the competition.


Hey there true believers, it's that time of the week again - a what a week it was! First and foremost, our nation chose a new President, Senate and House of Representatives. It's the same as the old president and congress - just with a lot of misguided hope.

Anyway, on election night we also saw the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and the state of Washington. Apparently Buccaneer safety Ahmad Black thought a similar provision was on the ballot in Florida and in anticipation was caught with his own stash of the Hippie Lettuce. Plus Doug Martin made the entire Raiders defense look like they were all puffing clouds on Sunday.

I'm on my own high as a 10-4 week finally ended my consecutive weeks of suckitude.

Since it's all about the giggle smoke this week, I figured it would be good to use one street slang word for Mary Jane for each game this week during our pick segment.

Feel free to add your personal favorites in the comments.

Last Week: 10-4 71% Upset Special: 0 for 1

Season: 70-62 53% Upset Specials: 5-11 32%

Rollin' down the street smoking endo, sippin' on gin and juice: Cardinals, Browns, Packers, Redskins

Thursday Night

Colts 37, Jaguars 3 - Skunk. As in the Colts are going to...


Buccaneers 34, Chargers 30 - Bomber. As in both teams are going to bomb away...

Dolphins 27, Titans 13 - Blanket. As in I need one while I sleep through this game.

Patriots 30, Bills 10 - Blunt. As in the blunt forced trauma the Pats will inflict on the Bills.

Ravens 37, Raiders 27 - Ganja. What the commitment to excrement crew will be saying after facing Ray Rice.

Broncos 30, Panthers 20 - Pot. As in the Panthers don't have one to...

Giants 30, Bengals 17 - Gasper. As in the G-men will be leaving the Bungles gasping for breath.

Vikings 25, Lions 16 - Reefer. As in the Vikings will refer the Lions to all the previous years of butt kickings they have delivered.

Falcons 40, Saints 26 - Dagga. As in both Ryan and Brees will be throwin'...

Seahawks 33, Jets 23 - Dinky Dow. I don't think I need to point out which team is Dinky.

Eagles 23, Cowboys 13 - Ashes. As in both team's playoff hopes are in...

49ers 27, Rams 20 - Boom. The sound Sam Bradford will hear when he's nailed by Patrick Willis.

Sunday Night

Upset Special: Texans 16, Bears 10 - Ding. As in Ding. Ding. Ding - its a heavyweight battle tonight.

Monday Night

Steelers 37, Chiefs 13 - Roach. Just a description of this game.