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How do you watch the games?

Cary Emondson-US PRESSWIRE

Everyone has some gameday rituals of his own. Some of you will watch the game in the stadium, while others will have a massive entertainment setup at home. Tailgating? Do you hold a party at your place, or somewhere else? Do you go to the bar to watch the games? How do you watch the games?

For me, it's fairly simple. I watch my games on my 40" LCD TV, with either a nice craft beer, or a quality whisky by my side. Selecting the right beer or whisky is important - and you have to savor the drink, so you're not stone drunk by the end of the game. Any Belgian beer will usually work for me, while I prefer the Islay whiskys - peat and smoke is what does it for me.

Meanwhile, I shout at the TV whenever Freeman makes a dumb mistake, or run around in circles for every touchdown - before heading to my PC to post on it. The PC is, of course, conveniently located near the TV so I don't have to miss a thing.

So, what's your setup like?

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