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Doug Martin 'Muscle Hamster' nickname needs a replacement - and vote for awards!

Ezra Shaw

Doug Martin is a boss. As if that wasn't obvious already, but he's up for two awards this week, so go vote for him!

First, there's the FedEx Ground Player of the Week.

Second, there's the Rookie of the Week award.

He should be the shoe-in for both, after only winning the Ground Player award last week.

In addition, we have yet to decide on his new nickname. We ran an article last week asking for nicknames, as Doug Martin continues to be unhappy with his nickname. In fact, he thinks Muscle Hamster is the "worst nickname ever". But people don't get to choose their own nicknames, we do that for them.

So, here's a poll for you to vote in. Whatever the result of the poll is, I'll stick to that nickname for the foreseeable future. Will he continue to be Muscle Hamster, or will Catch-22 make it? Perhaps another nickname will win? Let us know!