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GIF: Doug Martin's third long touchdown

45 yards and a touchdown.
67 yards and a touchdown.
70 yards and a touchdown.

Those were the three main runs for Doug Martin this game, who has just destroyed the Oakland Raiders on the ground. Absolutely, positively destroyed them. Martin is making a very strong case to be offensive rookie of the year over the past four games.

Martin was accused of not having enough long speed, but that's pretty hard to maintain right now. Breakaway speed? Breakaway speed!

This run is also a great example of, well, good blocking. Despite missing Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph, the Bucs' offensive line is getting it done today. They're creating big holes through good double teams - and it certainly doesn't hurt that the Raiders are absolutely awful in their gap control.

And despite all of that, the Bucs lead by just three points at the end of the fourth quarter, because the defense hasn't been able to stop anyone. And, of course, because Legarrette Blount fumbled a hand-off in field goal territory. Yep. That won't help his case for more carries this year, even though it might be Freeman's fault.