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Freeman leads Bucs to 21-10 lead

Josh Freeman is having his best game of the season. Without Carl Nicks, facing more pressure than he has all season, he's delivering consistently accurate balls and making good decisions. He hasn't missed open receivers, he's been efficient with his throws, and he's still productive. He's currently completed 16 of 27 throws for 225 yards and two touchdowns, with no turnovers. Those numbers underrate his performance, but he's been outstanding this game.

That showed up on the last drive, when Mike Williams got to make the big plays. A 37-yard catch-and-run on third down and a four-yard touchdown a few plays later put the Bucs up by two scores, as they now lead 21-10. The Raiders were driving, but an interception by undrafted rookie (!) Leonard Johnson put Tampa Bay back in control of this game.