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GIF: Doug Martin puts Buccaneers up 14-10

Doug Martin has gone over 100 yards from scrimmage for the fourth straight game, and he's making one great case to win the offensive rookie of the year award. He's rushed for 92 yards on 11 carries and added 21 yards on 4 catches this game, and just put the Bucs up 14-10 with his latest 45-yard touchdown run.

Doug Martin has a lot of attributes to like: he has a low center of gravity, giving him tremendous balance and he's got outstanding vision to find the right holes (a major reason why he's starting over Legarrette Blount). But one thing that has gone over looked is his stiff-arm. See for yourself:

Without that stiff-arm, this is a 30-yard run with no touchdown as he gets taken down around the 15-yard-line. But despite his short arms, he times his stiff-arm perfectly: right as the Raider is about to tackle him, he holds him off. That allows him to dance into the endzone, putting up the Bucs 14-10. Martin has consistently used a stiff-arm to turn short gains into much longer gains, and it may be his most potent weapon as a running back.

More of that kind of running will get the Buccaneers this game - and possibly more down the stretch.