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After blocked field goal, Vincent Jackson touchdown put Bucs up 7-3

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are up 7-3 in Oakland, and they're keeping their playoff hopes alive. A big, 20-yard touchdown to Vincent Jackson was what put the Bucs up 7-3, but they had a chance to go up before - only to have something entirely new happen: a blocked field goal.

That's a good indication of how this season has gone, really. The defense and offense have been inconsistent, but not so special teams, which has just been consistently awful. It's a bit odd, for a team that has had pretty good special teams for years on end, but the production has just been terrible.

The entire right side of the offensive line just collapsed there, and there was nothing Connor Barth could do about that. Usually, poor special teams are caused by poor depth on the team, but that's not really the case here. Jeremy Zuttah and Jeremy Trueblood are pretty good players to have on your field goal unit, but they just get blown off the ball.

The Bucs still look like they're far and away the best team, but they're still up by only four points. Moments like this could certainly come back to bite them