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Lavonte David wins Rookie of the Month, Dekoda Watson wins Special Teams Player of the Month

Lavonte David has been a revelation as a rookie, and he's been honored with the Defensive Rookie of the Month award, while Dekoda Watson has managed to be named Special Teams Player of the Month.

Ezra Shaw

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are racking in monthly awards this season, as Doug Martin won Offensive Rookie of the Month in October. Lavonte David managed 47 tackles and five tackles for loss over the month November, and he's been a crucial part of the team's soaring run defense. In the Bucs' current scheme, David can run to the ball and make the tackle, much like Derrick Brooks did in the old Tampa 2 defense. And like Brooks, David is an outstanding tackler who has great range and can get to the play consistently. David is 'just' a 4-3 outside linebacker, but he's been a key part of the Bucs' defense and looks to be a quality starter for a long time.

Meanwhile, another linebacker also won an award, as Dekoda Watson was named the Special Teams Player of the Month. Watson's play on regular downs has been disappointing, as the third-year player hasn't made any impact as an occasional pass-rush specialist, while he was not afforded the opportunity to become a starting linebacker when Quincy Black went down with injury. However, Dekoda Watson has been a monster on special teams throughout his career as his size and speed make him perfectly suited to the job of covering returns. He had a blocked punt and a fumble recovery in November, which led to him receiving the award.