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Buccaneers take 7-3 lead after their opening drive

The Atlanta Falcons used to come to Tampa and smack them in the mouth with their opening drive. Not this time, as the Bucs stopped them for a field goal (with Mason Foster showing off his wrestling moves).

And then, it was up to their offense. An offense that used to be awful in the first quarter, at one point going nearly a full season without scoring a first quarter touchdown. Not this time, though. Josh Freeman was perfect on the drive, going 4 of 4 for 56 yards. Doug Martin added another 25 on the ground and punched in a one-yard touchdown. This time, it wasn't erroneously called a fumble.

This is going to be a shootout, with two high-powered offenses facing off. But so far, the Bucs aren't just hanging with the Falcons, they look great.