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Falcons vs. Buccaneers Blacked Out Locally

Al Messerschmidt

The biggest game of the season is blacked out. Despite a 6-4 record, despite being on the verge of making the playoffs, despite an exciting offense the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be blacked out locally once again. This means that anyone within roughly 125 miles of Raymond James Stadium will not be able to watch Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons live on TV.

This is a disappointing result for a soaring team that appears to have ignited the fanbase. Last Sunday's game may have been the most exciting game since Jon Gruden was fired, yet Bucs fans are simply not showing up for the games. The Bucs must beat the Falcons if they want to win the division, and even making the playoffs will be tough with a loss. Still, it seems not enough fans are biting to keep the game on TV.

If you still want to see the game locally despite the blackout, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets are still available.