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Ron Jaworksi: Josh Freeman on his way to superstardom

Josh Freeman has been amazing this year, and Ron Jaworski thinks he's about to become a superstar


Presented with very little commentary, via Adam Caplan.

First of all, Josh Freeman is playing phenomenal football. I thought last year he really struggled with his accuracy. As their season wore on and their record got worse, disinterest might be the wrong word, but there just didn't seem to be a fire in that Bucs offense. That usually reflects upon the quarterback, and I thought Josh really struggled last season.

Two years ago I thought he was really coming on and had the potential to be a superstar. I'm seeing that superstar potential now come to the forefront. I think he's right now in a very good balanced offense. They run the football. They use the play action, and he has been absolutely phenomenal in the red zone.

The NFL is now a red zone league. If you set up for field goals, you're going to lose. You need to score touchdowns. The throw he made to Vincent Jackson on Sunday was an absolutely phenomenal throw before the two‑point conversion; and that throw kind of to me crystallized the year that Josh is having. He has the confidence to make that throw and trust his receivers, especially a guy like Vincent Jackson. So clearly I'm seeing a very confident quarterback that trusts the system and trusts the players that surround him.

I think clearly Freeman is on his way to becoming a superstar in this league. He's got all the attributes you would want in a quarterback. Clearly those are being refined.