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Vote Doug Martin for Rookie and Ground Player of the Week - again!

Grant Halverson

Doug Martin continues to beast his way throughout the NFL, and the Muscle Hamster won't be stopped by anyone. Not even getting robbed of a touchdown and seeing it replaced with a lost fumble. As has been the case fairly regularly, Martin has been nominated for Rookie of the Week and Ground Player of the Week. I don't give him much of a shot of winning the rookie award, given the fact that Justin Blackmon and his ridiculous day is in there. But he should have a pretty decent shot for the Ground Player of the Week award.

Martin has racked up award after award, and he's earned each of them. He broke two milestones against the Carolina Panthers this week: he is now officially a 1,000 yard rusher, and on pace for a 1,600 rushing yards season. More impressively even, he now leads the league in yards from scrimmage with 1,319. Yep, no other player has as many yards from scrimmage as Martin does - not even Adrian Peterson.

If Martin keeps up this pace, he'll end the season with 1,600 rushing yards on 315 carries (5.1 average), 510 receiving yards on 43 carries, 13 total touchdowns and a massive 2,110 yards from scrimmage. The Muscle Hamster has arrived.