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Bucs must sell 7,400 tickets to avoid a blackout

Grant Halverson

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have struggled with blackouts the past years, and may see yet another one this Sunday despite excellent on-field results. The Bucs face the division rival Atlanta Falcons in a crucial division game. If the Bucs want to win the division, they must beat the Falcons on Sunday.

The Buccaneers have announced they're 7,400 non-premium ticket sales short of avoiding a blackout, and some 11,000 non-premium tickets short of a complete sellout. Ticket sales are certainly up from the last home game two weeks ago, when the Bucs announced they had to sell 9,000 more tickets to hit the blackout threshold on Monday. They eventually sold 54,813 tickets, which was likely a few thousand short of avoiding a blackout.

The Bucs need to sell 85% of general admission tickets to avoid blackouts. They've only been able to avoid a blackout once this season, when the New Orleans Saints came to town for the throwback game in week 7.

Plenty of Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets are still available, and with some strong sales a blackout could be averted.